The Zen of Coworking

The Zen of Coworking

upakarma newWhat is Coworking?

Coworking is a fairly new term dating back to 1999 that isn’t just about getting a business owner out of his house and into an office. Coworking is about working in an environment with like-minded individuals without the need for a long term commitment or investment.

What are the benefits of Coworking?

The benefits of coworking are limitless. A business owner or start up can rent space in a shared facility without the need for long term contract or putting up alot of up front funding to operate.  Having the flexibility to come and go as you please, use as much or as little office hours as you like and only paying for what you use, makes more sense than having an office that sits empty, while emptying your wallet. Working in a community with people that are in the same or similar industries can help bring better ideas, more referrals or just the opportunity to network.

In addition, coworking with like-minded professionals will naturally increase your referral base.

Who uses Coworking?

Who isn’t using coworking spaces is the better question! Nowadays, law firms to tech startups to holistic practitioners are all getting on board with coworking.  Coworking does not discriminate, no matter what business you are in, there is a  coworking space out there for you that fits you and your style.

Why Should I Join?

It is simple.  Joining a coworking space is a lot better than sitting home alone with many distractions or even sitting in a high cost rented office with no business yet.  The opportunity to cowork and network will help you grow your business without putting a financial strain on your bank account.

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