Wholetrition Wellness is Expanding its Market

Wholetrition Wellness is Expanding its Market

Help Us Expand the Holistic Market

Up until now, a holistic practitioner looking to start their own practice had two choices, a medical building or their home.  As holistic practitioners cater to alternative medicine options so must their environment.

Wholetrition Wellness caters to the holistic practitioner as it allows on demand rental space in a spa like environment.

When people search out alternative medicine, the last thing they want is to walk into a medical building.

According to Natural Medicine Journal approximately 38% of adults in the United States are using complementary and alternative medicine.

In an effort to meet that demand and provide our practitioners with an environment that will suit their needs, Wholetrition Wellness has taken to raise some capital utilizing Fundable, a crowdfunding site.  Rewards range from event space, practitioner memberships, meditations and other great things from Wholetrition Wellness.  Help us continue to serve the holistic community!

Please help us continue to support the holistic community by pledging here:  FUNDABLE

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