What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki’s literal meaning is Universal Life Force. Some healing traditions refer to this as “Ki” or life essence. It is akin to the breath in movement and method and travels similarly through the body.

Reiki as a healing practice is an ancient form of energy healing that is channeled from heaven through the hands.

Reiki serves many functions in the body depending on the needs of the recipient. This intelligent energy moves where it is needed, providing deep relaxation and healing on every level of the body. It also offers a gentle, peaceful respite from daily stress and trauma.

The rejuvenative Reiki experience regenerates life force at the cellular level, breaking up blockages where necessary and releasing toxins to promote self healing. It serves to balance the chakras and meridians in the body and provides healing on every level, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The benefits may be gradual, perpetual, and instantaneous. Oftentimes, Reiki is the trigger and activator to a healing journey that opens the soul to rediscover its purpose.

Reiki is an effective wellness modality for every lifestyle and easily works in tandem with other medical and energetic protocols. It is an ideal choice for pre and post operative surgical procedures to relieve stress, side effects, and promote speedy recovery through immune system boosting.

Give yourself the gift of Reiki and enjoy the reconnection to the Universal Life Force that connects us all. Kris Lindemann is a Reiki Master Teacher who provides healings and leads Reiki shares and healing circles to the community at large. She also teaches all levels of Reiki in the Usui tradition. Check out Kris’s upcoming events to experience Reiki today.

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