How Homeopathy Can Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

How Homeopathy Can Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

fresh startThis is such an exciting time of the year and I am thrilled to be in the spotlight this month.   First, as it is a time for thanksgiving, I want to thank the people at Wholetrition Wellness Center for providing a comfortable and healthful environment where practitioners are eager to extend the gift of wellness to others.

December is the last month of the year and a time to review intentions and plans for resolution or recommitment so that January can represent a fresh start, revitalization and new beginnings.   It is a good time to honor the promises you made to yourself and realize your intentions.   Consider giving a gift to yourself or a loved one:  an alternative viewpoint, different lifestyle information, a different approach for a specific health issue or a number of unresolved issues.

Why is homeopathy an excellent choice?   Homeopathic remedies have the ability to treat mind and body at the same time with one substance and with one dose often repeated infrequently.    Is this something new?  Not at all.  Use of homeopathy has been restoring health to those suffering from a variety of mental, emotional and physical ailments for over two hundred years, all over the world.  It has been the choice of many celebrities, sports figures and the British Royal Family.  How does it work?  It works on the principle of similars:  Like Cures Like.  A detailed history is taken, and symptoms are carefully analyzed to discover unique characteristics.  Ten people could come with the same complaint (a headache, for example) but all need a different homeopathic remedy.  It is very individualized.

What are the benefits?   Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and generate a rapid response in many situations.  Remedies are safe, non-toxic and without side effects.  There is no addiction, residue or buildup of tolerance, even with long term use.  Homeopathic remedies are easy to use and assist with the body’s natural processes.

If you want to be thoroughly listened to — assisted in restoring your body to its natural order – would like more information, please call:  732-747-7810.

Please stop by the Wholetrition Wellness Center on December 6 between the hours of 11am and 4 pm for the Holiday Holistic Health Fair.

Also:  Look for walk-in hours starting in January when you will find a homeopathic practitioner available.

 Mercedes Christ Barnek

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