Free Your Thoughts: Let Go and Heal

Free Your Thoughts: Let Go and Heal

Free Your Thoughts:  Let Go and Heal


We live in a world that seems full of frenzy, constant happenings, negativity and stress.  The world I am talking about is the world of our conscious and subconscious minds, our thoughts and our feelings.  We see life through a filter of perception.  This filter may be something we were born with or perhaps programmed with through education, traumas, and life experiences both positive and negative.  This filter is made up of our belief systems that we have built within our own subconscious to keep us safe and protected.

The thoughts of our mind are powerful and sometimes we are aware of them, but mostly they just chatter away without our notice.  What gives thoughts power?  Emotions.  Thoughts evoke emotions and emotions cause behavior.  The behavior is what we put out into the world whether through words, actions or body language.  These behaviors can either aid us or sabotage us.

So how do I practice more positive behaviors and learn to let go of the negative?  Let’s start with feelings.  Let them happen!  Resisting or avoiding them will not help in the long run.  Remember it is just a feeling it will pass. Don’t attach a behavior to it.  Feel the feeling.  By doing this you will be able to let it go!  How about those thoughts?  Catch yourself and catch your stinky thinking.  Thoughts like:  “I can do this!”” I am happy and full of life!”  “I am a non-smoker!”  “I exercise with ease!” are so much more productive because they elicit positive behaviors.  Finally forgiveness, how do I manage that?  First forgive yourself, be loving to yourself and then forgive others. After all you do deserve love. Can’t do it?  Try imagining yourself doing it, your subconscious won’t know the difference.  Remember the subconscious is there to help!

Hypnosis is one of the powerful tools that puts all of these concepts into action!  Positive thoughts, productive behaviors, letting go and forgiving are all part of the hypnotic arsenal through route of your subconscious making the journey full of ease and more fulfilling.  Remember we create our own world.  What will yours look like?

Barbara Duchnowski is a Certified Hypnotist and holds a Master’s in Social Work with over twenty years of counseling experience. Call today for a complimentary phone consultation to see if hypnosis is right for you.  Look for Barbara’s upcoming events on our event page .

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