Divination and The way of the Mage

Divination and The way of the Mage

Divination and The way of the Mage

Divination is a Creative Art that has existed since the beginning of time. Various forms of Magickal Intuition and Understandings arose through the threads of individual cultures through history and have imprinted a sustained impression on the collective consciousness and unconsciousness of our peoples today.

Divination methods are usually found presented in a spiritual context due to the esoteric nature of connecting with the Divine or Spirit under many names. In an effort to elicit understanding about themselves, humans go within and without to support the query of Who Am I? And what is my Purpose? Oftentimes, these methods present themselves to the seeker during a particularly challenging part in their soul’s journey. Some people incorporate these methods into their daily lifestyle for ongoing insight and spiritual support. Much research and progress has been made in recent times in the realm of Spiritual Science to lend credence to this beautiful holistic practice.

There are many types of divination, as varied and flavorful as you please. Systems may be divined through the interpretation of natural phenomena, like weather or animals. Guidance is also sought through the support of symbol or archetypal phenomena, such as tarot readings, runes, or numerology. Another method is through direct communication with Spirit, via dreams, meditation, or channeling.   Once your awareness opens to read and feel the signs, the messages appear everywhere. Divination then is the interpretation of what is seen and felt in the heart.

Empowerment begins when we take charge of our own introspective practice and live creatively and powerfully within and without our own life oracle. As our eyes open, our lives become magickal visions of Heaven on Earth.

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