About Us

Alesha Lazan lived much of her life with stomach pains, severe fatigue and generally just a lack of physical energy.  She complained to doctors and was ignored. Finally after years of searching for answers, she was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. It was a clinical nutritionist who helped Alesha get her life back.

Alesha’s nutritional epiphany prompted her to follow a desire to help others discover this path to better living so she enrolled in a certification program from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Alesha also found herself at the University of Bridgeport where she graduated with an MS in Human Clinical Nutrition.

Graduating from Monmouth University with a BS in Health Studies, Alesha then went on to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. From there she attended the University of Bridgeport, where Alesha received a Masters in Human Clinical Nutrition.

In pursuit of a space to grow her own practice, fate brought Alesha to the original center in Colts Neck that not only met her needs but she instinctively knew it would meet the needs of all my fellow holistic colleagues.  And from there, the idea of Wholetrition Wellness was conceived.

With her partners, Scott, Natalie, (and Keith), they set forward to the task of creating a place in which other holistic practitioners could work on their own terms.

IMG-20141224-WA0012Natalie has spent over ten years in dedication to the startup community. As a lawyer, she focuses her law practice on startup tech companies and other small to medium businesses. One of her personal goals is empowering women business owners by giving them both the legal and business tools to pursue their goals.

As a mother and personally, she believes in alternative medicine and that food can heal. She will always try to find natural alternatives for herself and her family whenever she can. She utilizes meditation and other spiritual means to combat the day to day stress of job and home.

Wholetrition Wellness was conceived for Natalie when Alesha showed her their first location, Akasha in Colts Neck, NJ. Having utilized a co-working space in the early stages of my career, Natalie knew that such a space for holistic practitioners would be such an asset for holistic practitioners looking to start their own business or expand their market. Plus, the building was too gorgeous not to share!

Through Wholetrition Wellness Natalie gets to help holistic practitioners realize their goals with the added benefit of continuing her own wellness journey.

Natalie is a graduate of Manchester University, Israel Campus with an LLB. She lives in NJ with her husband, two boys and boxer/hound mix. Natalie is blessed to be a part of the Wholetrition Wellness team!