5 Benefits of Coworking

5 Benefits of Coworking

Mantra newJoining a community of likeminded individuals

There is something extremely motivating in joining a Coworking space that has people in the same industry who think relatively similar to you or have the same beliefs or mindset as you. Being able to feel welcomed among peers going through the same challenges as you can be a pleasant feeling, rather than feeling like an outsider. Connecting to these other business owners can help jump start your networking efforts which is why Coworking is the future of startup.

No commitment rent

Yes, you can have an office and not pay an exuberant amount of rent each month. That is one of the great features of coworking spaces. It is a low cost option to a professional space that you can grow into and, hopefully, out of. You have the option to rent space by the hour, the day, or longer. It is totally up to you how often and how much “rent” you spend.

Owning your own company

Just because you are in a community with similar people, does not mean you still have to work for someone. The community is there as a network while you own and operate your own business. Owning your own business is not an easy task but being able to bounce ideas off others while saving money can go a long way.

Networking events

Most coworking spaces will hold events a couple times a month for its members. The idea behind this is to build a community that can help each other with ideas or referrals. Networking is a huge task that all business owners need to take part in, but having the ability to it in a space that is welcoming and feels comfortable will make drumming up conversations and business more natural. And of course being a member of the space will get you in the door for free while others who are on the “outside” have to pay a small fee to join in with the cool kids!

Built in Referral System

Holistic practitioners are familiar with so many modalities and understand that one size does not fit all. Being a part of a community that knows you and what you do is a great way to be a part of a referral system or what is termed strategic partners.   Practitioners will refer to other holistic practitioners to complement their treatment protocol and trust practitioners that they know through the community.

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  1. One of my clients has a co-working situation and it has helped drive business for her since her space is owned by a holistic professional as well. It’s energizing if you can find a co-woring situation. I fuels the mind, plus it’s nice to have some human interaction away from the computer or a lonely cubicle.

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